How to Workout with a Plan

Before each workout think about what want to accomplish and then think about the type effort it will take to do so. At the end of your workout you should ask yourself did you do what you had planned and did you put in the effort?

This is important as it allows you to go in with a game plan to be more focused. You’ll know what you need to do and you’ll push to accomplish your goal. It’s also time efficient you won’t be guessing what the next step is wasting time going back and forth with ideas. Most importantly you’ll have a program tailored towards what you want to accomplish.

Perhaps you are a novice into martial arts and want to work on improving your striking speed. You would not train how somebody looking to build bigger arms would train. If you don’t have a plan, you haven’t researched and to figure out what it in entails to be a faster striker. You very well might train like somebody looking to build bigger arms. You figure I should train my arms so you do the motions doing various arm exercises. Not only would this not be benefit you it’s actually hurt your progress. Building bigger arms actually will slow your striking down. This is just an example.

The point is you should make a plan ahead of time, think about what you are trying to accomplish and the effort needed to do so. Then at the end of your work out asking yourself did you do what you had planned and did you put in the effort?

Why you should ask this is not as important as going in with a game plan but still important. Think of the game plan as a foundation of a house. After you have a foundation you can build upon it and design it to your personal specifications.

So at the end of a workout ask yourself did you do I what was planned, perhaps you missed something or something didn’t work how you planned. Take this into consideration so you can make changes to better yourself for the next workout.

The other question is did you put in the effort needed? This will let you know if it’s the plan you have that needs to change or your maybe you were just having an off day. This can also let you know if need to increase or decrease the workouts intensity base upon how you are feeling after each workout.

For some this might seem obvious but for many it’s not. I see it time and time again people wandering around doing the motions with no purpose behind it. They will make hardly any progress if any at all because they are driving without a destination. Don’t be one of these wandering lost souls have a goal and a plan. I’m sure if you do you’ll reach it.

How to Workout with a Plan

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