It was considered as a universal TRUTH, it was tested by many scientist and undergone a lot of scientific study that breast milk is the best for babies. Breast milk can be more potential protection from viruses, increase children's immune system actively, can help develop stronger body formation.

Breaking up this universal truth can lead to malnutrition and diseases. We can observe that there are a lot of mothers now a days who refuse to let their child take their breast milk due to personal reasons for maintaining body figures. Eventfully, this reason is unreasonable for taking care of child's health is in mother's hand. By giving them there breast milk will help children develop its affective relationship. Giving them more confidence in pursuing a meaningful life. Does, mothers today and for the future centuries to come are encourage to this natural caring for children.

There are many disadvantages of giving different formulated milk to babies. We have currently vast number of formulated milk, there are expensive which is likely more effective. But what can this product give? Could it give a satisfying development to children? Maybe they can give basically what is needed for proteins, vitamins, minerals to sustain its growth and development of children. But emotionally we can also observe that many children loss their paternal and maternal respect to their parents. We parents long every now and then that our children will always be closer to us emotionally. But what was our society now pictured out of young people today. They already lost to what is expected to them.

Breast-feeding helps protect human race from now and for the coming generation. A wise mother will always give the best, best protection, best nutrition and best food. Everyone wants to have the best food for growth and development. To be able to bring every creature a finest well developed citizen in the future, which is responsible, understanding, creative, intelligent and protective.

Researchers for centuries acknowledges for their full support for breast-feeding. A well-organized mother is a wise care givers and health carriers. There is no such thing better than giving mothers milk to babies; there is no greater longing for children but first to have the best cares from their mother.

Breast milk is always is the best, the healthiest, the cheapest, the safest that no other artificial milk can offer many advantages in these natural resources.

"Breast milk can develop the baby's system against diseases, promote stronger bonding between mother and baby, provides perfect nutrition, decrease the risk of developing diabetes later in life, protection from diarrhea & bacterial meningitis and gives great skin for babies". (CBCP. Episcopal Commission on Health Care. Vol. 11, No. 1. May 2007)

Breast milk is a gift from a mother to her child. She may not be aware of it but the effect of this gift will last forever. The drops of mother's milk are the same as sharing her life for her child.

Health Care for Mother's Breast

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