Healthy Foods Restaurants in Southeast MassachusettsWe all know that eating healthy is the right thing to do. Sometimes though, making it to the farmer’s market can be difficult (not to mention expensive). The local supermarket does have healthy food options available, but as the film Food, Inc. explained, a lot of the meats and vegetables available in supermarkets are artificial and contain inorganic hormones and ingredients that aren’t good for our body. So, what can we do to eat healthy? A little-known fact is that there are some major restaurants that strive to server the most organic and healthiest food around. In this article, you’ll find the best of these restaurants in the Mansfield, Massachusetts area.

Chipotle: Mexican Grill (

Chipotle is a Mexican fast food restaurant chain that has a location in the Mansfield Crossing shopping area. Now you may be thinking “That’s fast food, it’s unhealthy,” but you couldn’t be more wrong. Even though Chipotle has over 750 locations nationwide, it does not make sacrifices or cuts to create the best Mexican food around. Chipotle has its meats and vegetables produced in all natural American farms. What does this mean? It means that unlike McDonald’s, KFC, and other fast food restaurants that get their meat from slaughterhouses stuff filled with feces, dead animals, and unsanitary conditions, Chipotle gets their food from wide-open farm ranges where the animals and vegetables live happy and healthy. The farms that source Chipotle’s excellent grill never use artificial drugs or hormones to feed their livestock, making the animals more natural. The animals also get to eat grass (as opposed to the not-nutritional corn that big farms feed their livestock), which makes their meat taste better. On top of that, the animals get to roam free, which causes less stress in them, and believe it or not, makes the meat taste better. And clearly, the business model of Chipotle is a great success. Besides being natural and healthy, the food is also very delicious. If it wasn’t, would it have its 750 locations? Whenever I’m hungry for some burritos or tacos, I roll on down to Chipotle: Mexican Grill, and I recommend you do the same.

Crescent Ridge Dairy (

Are you looking for a place where you can get a nice, delicious healthy meal and then get a scrumptious ice cream after? Well, look no further! Located in the cozy town of Sharon, MA, Crescent Ridge Dairy is a family-owned farm that has been serving food-lovers for over 75 years. The farm workers make the farm’s ice cream with the very cows they have roaming around the premises (fenced in of course). People literally get to gaze at the cows that Crescent Ridge uses to make its delicious dairy products. The cows get to consume delicious, fresh grass for their diets, and they most certainly are not abused or mistreated like cows on most industrial farms are. On top of fresh dairy products, Crescent Ridge also features fresh meats and fish from local ports and farms, that follow the same model and style of Crescent Ridge. No artificial junk, no gimmicks, only real, fresh food. So the next time you want some salmon and a hot fudge sundae, head on down to Crescent Ridge Dairy.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (

Serving three natural meals a day, the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Wrentham, MA is a classy, old-fashioned restaurant with a commitment to serving old-style healthy food. While the food at the Cracker Barrel may not be the most nutritious, but the way it is prepared and served is most certainly healthy. The Cracker Barrel cooks its food using old-fashioned methods, avoiding many of the chemicals and artificial food boosters that most restaurants use. Also, the Cracker Barrel uses farm-fresh ingredients and classic family recipes, which add to the overall value of the food. Even though the Cracker Barrel is a chain, it has not succumbed to many corporate downfalls that most chains go through. The Cracker Barrel is still, and always will be, an old-fashioned restaurant with healthy habits for people of all ages.

These are some of the healthiest restaurants in the southeastern Massachusetts area. There are many other healthy restaurants, but these ones have earned the spot among the healthiest because of their unyielding devotion to consumer health. Next time you want to take the family or a significant other out to eat, without breaking your pant’s button or wallet, try stopping by one of these restaurants. I promise you, the food is great, and it’s healthiness will keep you feeling great on the inside.

Healthy Foods Restaurants in Southeast Massachusetts

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