During the college years its not a surprise to find chips, ramen, cereal, and microwavable meals inside of a dorm room. If you don't find that, then its most likely that the college student has a meal plan for a cafeteria that serves daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.

– Drink water
While getting sodas and juices during college seems just like the thing to do, try to avoid doing it. Instead carry around a bottle of water with you at all times and drink that whenever you feel thirsty. Not only will that quench your thirst, but it will help you to stay healthy and hydrated. If you're having a nice meal and you feel like having something that doesn't taste so neutral, try adding some fruit to your drink or dilute your juices with half a cup of water.

– Eat at set times each day; never late at night.
Healthier meals start when you begin to have a number of set meals a day and at a set time. If you eat at random times during the day, try to work on fixing this from now on. If you have control of how you use your time, schedule your meals about 3-4 hours away from each other and plan to have healthy snacks in between. Eating before its dark is also a good rule to follow; if you must have late meals, eat light foods that will not take too long to digest.

– Eat 3-5 portions the size of your palm only.
Now healthy meals don't just have to be healthy foods, they also have to be healthy sized portions. When you go to eat and you see meals that come in very large portions, ask for smaller ones. Try to accustom yourself to always order a small meal and to never "super size" anything. If you feel that you are not full by the time that you finish eating, eat some salad with a light dressing. A handful or two of salad will help to make you full until your next meal and you can be sure that you're not pilling up extra calories.

– Avoid getting seconds of anything.
If you're looking forward to healthy meals then you're not looking for seconds of anything. Make sure to serve yourself what you plan to eat the first time you sit down and don't get up to get seconds. If it's a special occasion and you must do this because you can't help yourself, plan to do some extra exercise that same day or the next day.

– Don't have tortillas or bread unless you must.
Tortillas and break are very prone to get into your hands, especially when you're eating at home. If you have to eat tortillas try eating corn tortillas, if you have to eat bread stick to the wheat bread. A healthy week means that you didn't consume more than 4 tortillas or 4 slices of bread, always keep that in mind.

5 Steps to Healthier Meals in College

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