The idea of visiting a great number cities or living away from home on an expense budget sounds fabulous but in truth can cost a business traveler too many hard to lose pounds. Not only are you expected to be sociable with customers but the freebies offered by many hotel chains are hard to resist and not necessarily good for your health. And having happy hour drinks can increase your weight gain. The closed in atmosphere on board airplanes is also a good way to pick up germs and the odd travel times are sure to interfere with your sleep. Staying healthy by eating properly is a constant must. Here’s my top list of tips for business travelers on how to stay healthy.

#1 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers – Take Your Vitamins

Make sure you’re getting a steady dose of the water soluble vitamins that come in stress tab mixes including vitamin C and all of the B vitamins.

#2 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers – Eat Fresh Fruit before Canned before Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit has the filling fiber as well as many of the essential vitamins that can get diminished in the canning or packing process. Fruit juice is full of calories and you’re likely to get more than if you eat the fruit directly.

#3 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers – Drink Bottled Water

People find me and my husband strange because we go to the local Circle K or grocery store and pick up a one or five gallon container of drinking water. This saves us many of the diarrhea and constipation problems that occur when you are unused to the mineral content in the local water worldwide and in the United States. Although the tap water is usually good to drink, your body may not like the change.

#4 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Eat Your Vegetables

Best ways to ensure a good supply of vegetables in your diet while traveling is to eat salads, eat at restaurants with salad bars, and order cooked vegetables in addition to whatever meal you eat.

#5 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Eat Light During Happy Hour

On days when you expect to meet friends or business associates during happy hour rather than going for a meal, eat a larger lunch. When you pick items off of the happy hour buffet, try to limit your intake of fats and fried foods by choosing fruit and vegetables, choosing bread over fried goods, and avoiding cheeses when eating meats. Keep your use of dressings and dips to a minimum. Also, if you eat during happy hour, skip the meal and get your extra sleep.

#6 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers -Vary Your Entrees

Try to limit your intake of beef to twice a week, eating chicken, turkey, pork chops or loin, fish or light cheeses.

#7 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Visit the Grocery Deli’s for Lunch

Many grocery stores have the healthiest food in town at their deli’s and offer salad bars as well as home cooked turkey sandwiches. Ask about salt content of deli items.

#8 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Select Your Drinks with Care

Often to watch my weight I count breads and limit them to four servings a day. Include any drinks as a bread when you calculate your carbohydrate intake. Choose wine, light beers, or a less high end high alcohol beers or mixed drinks without all the fancy syrups and juices. My husband has to watch his sugar so he now passes up the tonic with his gin and tonic and uses water and either key lemon or lime juice.

#9 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Eat Fatty Foods at Lunch Time

If you can’t resist the pizza, gravy, chips, French fries and desserts, eat them at lunch time and plan to go for a walk or swim in the evening.

#10 Healthy Eating Tip for Business Travelers-Use Instant Breakfast to Augment Missing Meals

Pack Carnation Instant Breakfast packages to add to milk for breakfast or to tide you over through a tight connection. Diet shake mixes will also work.

Top Ten Healthy Eating for Business Travelers

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