As I write this article winter is turning to spring but my hands have yet to get the message. I'm sure I'm not alone in having to combat dry hands. I think tonight will be a great time to do my special healthy hydrating hand treatment and wanted to share it with you. It's easy, can be done with materials you probably have around the house and it gives you a great excuse to relax for a while.

You want to start with clean but slightly damp hands. It's very convenient to do this moisturizing hand treatment soon after you get out of the shower but you can also just wash your hands in the sink or even just mist them with a bit of water if they're already clean.

Next you want to apply some healthy vegetable oil to your hands. Apricot oil smells divine but I often end up using olive oil because it's handy. Use whatever vegetable oil you have available. Rub it in gently, while your hands are still damp and it will help seal the moisture into your hands. Add a little extra around your cuticles and be sure to rub it in there too. Optional but relaxing: Add a bit more oil and take a few moments to massage your hard working hands.

Next you want to apply a nice thick moisturizer to your hands. I like ones with a healthy shea butter base but whatever hand or body moisturizer you have around the house will probably work just fine. Be generous with the application.

You can use rubber or plastic gloves, saran wrap, or even plastic grocery bags for this step. Old fashioned dishwashing gloves work great and are easy to rinse out and reuse. Just put the gloves on (that extra thick layer of moisturizer from step 3 will help them slide on more easily), wrap the plastic around your hands or pop your hands in the plastic baggies.

Next you just stick your sealed hands in a pair of big mittens or wrap them in a towel and relax. Having the cloth over the gloves (or whatever you ended up using) helps build warmth which seems to help the moisturizing agents (the oil and moisturizer) work better. Like with hair conditioner, leaving it on longer helps it work more effectively. If you have time to sit down and enjoy a good book or movie that's fantastic. If you only have a few minutes it's still helpful.

That's all there is to it. Once your relaxing time is up just remove your cloth and sealer, use a gentle washcloth to wipe away any moisturizer that didn't sink into your skin and enjoy your super soft hydrated hands.


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Healthy Hydrating Hand Treatment

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