The world knows an awful lot about the standby foods for eating healthy such as broccoli, apples, oranges, oats and more, but there are many lesser-known, exotic fruits, vegetables, and more that offer benefits that are even more impressive in many cases.

With the Internet opening the door to a wide variety of exotic natural, healthy foods, the top five healthiest foods you've probably never heard of before can be found quite easily with some well-aimed searches and then mailed directly to your house.

Here are five of the best lesser-known foods to add to your diet for vibrant health:

  1.  Amaranth- One of the healthiest grains in the world, amaranth is actually described as a weed and/or vegetable with many different species and myriad health benefits.

Amaranth is also packed with fiber, amino acids, and hard-to-get vitamins such as Vitamin B6. It is just now starting to catch up to other more well-known, similar foods such as quinoa for space on health food shelves.

  1.  Kohlrabi- The cabbage family is stacked with tons of great healthy options for vegetable lovers but kohlrabi is far less known and much harder to pronounce. Perhaps there is a correlation between the two?

Regardless, kohlrabi, which also has a strange appearance to some as it is round and almost seems to have "tentacles" on it, offers great health benefits even among other top vegetables. The hard-to-obtain vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and many more are all found in their most easily-absorbed natural states in kohlrabi.

  1.  Chia Seeds- Known more as a chia pet than as the seed which the pet grows from, chia seeds offer calcium, phosphorus, and more along with the all-important Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

They might be one of the best healthy foods you've never heard of mainly because of their ability to store water by expanding, keeping athletes hydrated easily. Chia seeds are easily one of the most unique health foods ever.

  1.  Paw Paw Fruit- With tons of B vitamins and amino acids, the paw paw fruit, a large edible green berry, believe it or not, is one of the best healthy fruits out there. The paw paw in addition to the vitamins has strong anti-cancer properties as well. It is found mostly in the Midwest and is similar to the soursop of the Phillipines and Graviola of the Amazon.
  2.  Camu Camu- While some synthetic Vitamin C pills, powders and more have higher vitamin C levels than camu camu, a berry native to the Amazon, the synthetic stuff is not absorbed nearly as well. Camu camu in fact might be the finest Vitamin C in the world and the government of Peru is preparing to begin exporting it en masse, even offering farmers incentives to grow the plant.

With so many health benefits along with its unique name, it seems like it's only a matter of time before camu camu becomes more mainstream instead of being relegated to the list of the top five healthiest foods you've never heard of before. Get some now while it remains pure and unadulterated as nature intended.

Top Five Healthiest Foods You've Never Heard of Before

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