Learning how to manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle can take some effort. Some people don't seem to have trouble at all. These people seem to have a few things in common around their house that help them live healthy active lives easily. Read on to find out what items you should have in your home that will contribute to better health.

Full Length Mirror
Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we look better than we do. Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a reflection of a store front window and though "wow, when did I gain this extra weight". Of course, it is counterproductive to obsess over our appearance but an occasional glance in a full length mirror can be a needed reality check.

Many people may already have a blender. However, it does no good hiding in the pantry or a in a cupboard. Make a place for it on the counter so it will be easy to use. Blenders are excellent for whipping up smoothies with fresh fruit and yogurt. They are also a handy tool for sneaking healthy ingredients into your family's diet. Try mixing tofu into creamy shakes and fiber powder into just about anything. Fruit may be the hardest thing in the food pyramid to include into our diet because it can be expensive to buy and it spoils quickly. Keep frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches and many other frozen fruits in the freezer so they are on hand to throw into the blender. Just make sure you read the labels and don't buy fruit with added sugar.

Food Scale
Scales aren't just for chefs and serious dieters. They should have a place in everyone's home. Knowing proper portion size is the key to maintaining your weight no matter if you are on a specific diet or just trying to watch what you eat. Get in the habit of measuring everything. A lot of people are amazed to find that their juice cups hold ten or more ounces. That means when you pour your orange juice in the morning you are getting 25% more calories than you realized. After using your scale for awhile you should be able to estimate your portion sizes much more accurately. You will recognize where the eight ounce mark on your juice glasses are and how many ounces of turkey you are really piling on that sandwich.

Look for a digital scale that measures in both grams and ounces. Most scales have a button to reset the weight after you have put your container on. Sometimes the "on" button is the same as the "reset" button. Read your manual so you know how to correctly use your scale. High quality scales can be found at places like Target, Walmart, Sears and any specialty store that carries kitchen appliances.

Scale and Measuring Tape
Owning a scale and a measuring tape may seem obvious if you are trying to watch your weight, but I am surprised at how many homes don't have these basic items. Don't depend on getting weighed once a year at your doctor's office. An awful lot can happen in twelve months. You should hop on the scale to monitor your current weight a few times a month. There are arguments both for and against weighing yourself everyday. Do whatever is comfortable.

Weight isn't the only indicator of your health and body size. If you are trying to lose weight sometimes you will lose inches before pounds. This is especially true if you are working out. Muscle is denser than fat and burns more calories to be maintained. If you are building muscle you will be getting leaner without the scale showing an immediate loss. Be patient and in the meantime measure yourself to check your progress.

Take a look at your lifestyle and see what excuses you are making not to live a healthy lifestyle. If you don't get out an exercise because your workout wear is inconvenient to get to then move it. Sometimes being more healthy is just about making a lot of little changes.

Household Items Healthy People Tend to Own

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