It appears everything in opposition to the modern day Republican Party has been deemed the end of society as we know it. Well, of course it is the end to society as we know it! Things do change after all, but they aren’t doom and gloom like fear-based politicians want you to hear. The recent debate over health care reform has Democrats scared that health care will ever have a bright future in America. Indeed, everything proposed by Democrats (no matter the content) appears to be shot down by Republican fear. As such, Republicans have no desire to change the status quo of a nation in dire need of health coverage.

Taxing the rich to fund health care for the poor who need it obviously won’t fly with conservatives on the prowl. They have continued to oppose a progressive agenda that will enable America to prosper and make way for freedom and equality (of course we can’t have that!) So, instead of putting a slight tax on the rich, the Senate has came up with a botched up idea that unfortunately targets a lot of the middle class: The Cadillac tax. This proposition will tax any health insurance plan above $8,000 for an individual and $23,000 for a family. That is hardly “Cadillac“. The average family plan hovers around $15,000; however, the tax barely takes into account that nationwide costs of living differ greatly and a $15,000 plan in Wyoming is not the same as a $15,000 plan in New York! Old people will also be victims of this tax, as their premiums cost extensively more due to their age (current legal limits allow insurance companies to charge three times the amount of young people’s insurances!)

Bottom line, the proposed 5.4% tax increased on personal incomes of over $500,000 (which qualifies as “super rich”) and couples whose net worth is over $1 million will provide great income as well as make sure money is not being taken from the middle class. This will take money from the top income earners and give health care to people who cannot afford it or are rejected by an insurance company due to a preexisting condition. Republicans are blockading real progression and ignoring the cries for help from the suffering poor. We must answer the call.

Care for Health Care?

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