Who has time to make healthy drinks for lunch? You're flying around the kitchen like somebody lit a match between your toes. Between packing lunches, making breakfast and planning your day, you have no time for healthy choices. Before you reach for those juice boxes, take a minute to think. Are they full of sugar? Is this really the best choice for your kids, yourself or your spouse? Is there a healthy drink choice that tastes good and packs quickly?

How about that juice you made for breakfast?

The whole pitcher is sitting in the fridge because no one felt they had time to pour a glass. Why not sneak it into their lunches? Just fill a few water bottles with it and pop them into the lunch boxes. Sure, juice contains sugar. At least it's natural sugar. Plus, it contains tons of powerful antioxidants. That makes it much better than the usual quick fix from the soda pop machine, isn't it?

Tea doesn't have to be time consuming.

So what if your kids like tea? Who has time to make it? You do. It's actually quite fast to make tea for lunch boxes. Just hang a tea bag into a water bottle. Fill the bottle with ice, lemon slices and water. Screw on the lid, while using it to hold the bag string. Shake it up. Pop it into the lunch box. By the time your kids (or you) eat lunch, the tea will be brewed. Fabulous instant healthy lunch drink!

Flavor your water the healthy way.

Forget about those commercialized add ins for water. They're mostly chemicals, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Even if they say they're good for you, check the label. Truth in advertising just isn't a priority any more. That's OK. You can flavor your water the natural way. Just add a few fruit slices, shake it up and toss it in your lunch. You're good to go.

What's wrong with water?

With so many options for beverages, we sometimes forget that good old H20 is the healthiest choice of all. Worried about the purity of tap water? Don't like the idea of bottled water, either? No problem. Get yourself a good water filter. Fill your own re-useable BPA free water bottles.

Side bonus: Your lunch break is short. You don't have time to buy a drink. Keeping water in your lunch is a good way to encourage yourself to work in that daily water intake.

Turns out, milk really doesn't do a body good.

If that's what your kids' school serves as a healthy drink, you might do well to pack an alternative. Try almond milk, coconut milk or one of the above drinks instead. All are better for your kids than that little cardboard carton of cows milk. Wait! Is your kid a calf? Because that's who cows milk is designed for. Otherwise, try tossing another healthy drink in those lunch boxes.

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