Basil: When we drink 8-10 leaves of Basil mixed in sugar and water then chances of catching sun stroke gets reduced. Taking four leaves of basil every day empty stomach in the morning helps prevent many diseases.

Acacia: When we rinse our mouth with acacia leaves boiled in water then teeth and jaws become strong. When we apply Acacia leaves juice mixed in mustard oil over our body, it removes wounds caused over the body in summer due to heat.

Fig: Mix the milk of fig with lemon juice and apply it over the head and leave it for half an hour. Then wash the head with warm water. Due to this hair loss gets stopped and hair growth becomes rapid.

'Cherry': Grind the leaves of the Nemea tree with the leaves of 'Cherry' tree and mix lemon juice in it. Leave it for two hours and then wash the hair. Use it repeatedly for one month to see the growth of new hair and reduction in hair loss.

'Watermelon fruit': Mix the core of watermelon fruit with sugar and drink it 2 cups daily for three days. It helps in curing diarrhea.

Henna: Grind leaves of henna and apply it over the leg and nails before sleep every night. It cools the heat of the body reduces chances of heat stroke. Applying Henna over the hair once every week reduces heat from the head.

Jasmine: If you have wounds over the tongue or in the mouth then chewing five jasmine leaves for three days at regular intervals helps a lot. If bad smell is coming from the mouth then mix lemon juice in boiled leaves of jasmine and rinse your mouth with it, the smell will go away.

Betel: Taking Betel leaves with sugar helps in curing dry cough.

Lemon: Make a solution of lemon juice mixed in water. Add some sugar to it. Give it in small quantities to the cholera patients at regular intervals. This helps a lot. Mix salt, radish, lemon juice ginger and pepper salt and give it daily to jaundice patients. This helps them to get cured early.

Mulberry: Boil mulberry leaves add a pinch of rock salt and use it when you are caught with Tonsil. It also reduces the swelling of the throat. If we drink mulberry juice mixed with some sugar, it reduces stomach irritation.

Fig: Prepare the paste of fig leaves and its roots and apply it over the skin as soon as white stains start. The problem gets cured and slowly – slowly stains are erased. Eating four pieces of fig cures cough.

Nemea: Grind 10-12 leaves of Nemea and prepare its solution in water. Drink it every morning before eating anything. It cures skin diseases that often crop up during summer. It also stops hair loss when we wash our hairs with grinded Nemea leaves boiled in water and ticks and nit die.

Referred by: Agricultural society of India Annual Magazine

Health Treatment Through Medicinal Herbs

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