There are tons of sites and guides that claim to be authoritative sources on workout tricks. I’ve decided to compile this list in order to dispel some of the misinformation and plain falsehoods that exist within the fitness community. These tips are arranged in order to help you get more out of your workout, whether your goal be weight loss, strength, or overall fitness.

  1. Caffeine. We all know the drill – caffeine is a great way to to feel good and energized after that first espresso, but what you may not know is that it that scientific research is lending greater creedence to the claim of enhanced endurance. in a study by the University of Texas, subjects ingested an energy drink prior to Cycling for one hour at moderate exertion. the study showed that those who ingested the drink faired better than those who did not, and that caffeine may aid in blocking and slowing fatigue. Bottom line, caffeine is promising in it’s use for combating fatigue and helping you power through your workout.
  2. High Intensity Interval Training. Some of you may be familiar with this type of aerobic activity, but for those unacquainted, a little intro is needed. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), consists of mixing moderate cardio activities with bursts of very high eXertion mixed in between. This type of cardio (in contrast to steady-state cardio where you would stay at a moderate or high heart rate), is proven in increasing untrained atheletes to better metabolize fat and carbohydrate stores during excercise. Bottom line – incorporate half an hour of this training on your cardio days instead of steady state for more effective utilization of fat tissue and carbohydrate stores.
  3. Fight the Flab. I know, it’s been promoted to death, but there’s a good reason why more and more cardio addicts are adding in weight training into their routines. Not only does weight training actually reduce blood pressure levels, it is also effective in significantly increasing the caloric burn after the weightlifting is over, and can increase fat oxidation. In other words, even a short fifteen minutes of resistance training before your cardio session can “train” your body to burn more calories when at rest, and increase your body’s capability to burn stored fat (the holy grail of weight loss and positive energy expenditure).
  4. Chili Peppers and Green tea. This may seem like an odd combination, and is more of a weight loss than a fitness tip, but the data is still interesting. in a study at the University of Copanhagen, subjects were given a mix if the capsaicin (the “heat” ingredient in chili peppers), sweet peppers, green tea, or a placebo, during two separate three week sessions of caloric defecit or caloric surplus. It turns out that a combination of chili peppers and green tea during a period of dieting decreases appetite and increases satiety. This shows that eating a diet consisting of hot peppers and green tea at meals has the power to decrease hunger and increase feelings of fullness when on a diet.
  5. Eat More Protein. it’s common knowledge that protein is essential in keeping up muscle mass and repairing muscles after excercise, but protein has an important effect on satiety and how our metabolic rate. Studies have shown that a high protein diet increases feelings of fullness, and increases how many calories our bodies can burn while we’re sleeping. additionally, the diet increased fat oxidation. Even if you’re not a strength athelete, the data is starting to show that people of all walks of life can benefit from additional protein. The USDA requirement is about 60 grams per day, but increased dietary protein can be beneficial in keeping control of appetite, and burning fAT.
Top 5 Workout Hacks

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