We can't stop being amused when we see in the news that people is so candid that they try the most bizarre ways to improve their health, playing a risky game where they jeopardize their bodies and sometimes their lives. Here are the most bizarre therapies that people ever used:

-A famous Spanish doctor, a TV star named Dr Rosado, came up with some strange ideas about how improve people's health. He crossed the line when he recommended to burn children's foreheads with cigarettes bums to improve their intelligence. He spent a considerable time in prison, but some people really tried the treatment wit their kids, with terrible consequences.

-The ionized bracelets. Manufactured originally by Q-Ray, this bracelet supposes to help curing diverse pains and enhance vitality; all through the process of ionize them. Funny thing, after an investigation, authorities discovered that the bracelets were not really ionized, so they may the company pay million of dollars for wrong advertising.

-The biotape was a popular product at a time, and it promised to relieve pain. It was a tape made of Mylar, a futuristic material used at the space program. These days, the company only can advertise that the product only can help us to fix our chi problems, whatever that is.

-The venom of bees as cure for many diseases, including breast cancer, is a practice that is somehow very extended and very dangerous as well. Self-injecting bee's venom ca produce even death if the subject is allergic.

-The cleansing diet using lemons and limes without ingesting other aliments is an example of dangerous bizarre ideas to promote health. Ingesting only lemons and limes alone will produce an imbalance on a diet and serious health problems, including a bad constipation and malnutrition.

-In some countries people swear than menstruation blood cures many skin problems, as callus or pimples. It is a myth, and very disgusting.

-The practice of applying a candle burning in a plate over the ears to relieve sinus headaches and migraines can bring serious burns to many people who tried it. The goal of the treatment is to vacuum the air with the flame and help with excess wax in the ear canal. It doesn't work, and it is dangerous.

-The tapeworm diet is another example of dangerous health myth: the treatment is to ingest some tapeworm pills, and let the new friends grow happily in our body, sharing with us our food. Yes, we will lose weight, because the worm is eating our food, but any parasite that lives inside us is dangerous, can produce infections and serious health problems. And when we finally rid off the worm and come back to eat normally, we will regain the weight we lose before.

At the end, it is a question of common sense; this bizarre treatments sound as bad and ineffective as they really. We should always follow the doctors' instructions, and stop playing with our health.

The Most Bizarre Health Treatments: Learn About Disgusting and False Ways to Improve Our Health

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