Never did I think I would see the day when I could actually call my mother a "senior citizen." Though she is quite beautiful, and looks far younger than her years-I forget that maintaining a mature body takes a good deal of attention. Though we come from a family with a history of cancer and hypertension, she has found ways to reverse certain conditions she's had, while increasing her energy level. The advice listed herein isn't rocket science. In fact, you've heard a few of these things on every talk show known to man. But to have living proof that we are to a great degree in charge of our own health is quite remarkable. None of us in my family are in perfect health. But here are some things that my mother has done which-over the course of a few years-have improved her quality of life.

Flaxseed Oil

Not long ago, my mother began taking flaxseed oil. I had heard of flaxseed oil, but didn't realize that it had so many healing properties, though it is mainly attributed to battling heart disease. In any case, upon making this a part of her health regimen, she has had good reports on her heart. But in addition to placing this supplement into her routine, she has also altered her diet.

Out with the Old, In with the New…

Having grown up on really good soul food, I can say that I miss Mom's fried chicken. But the truth is that she just doesn't fry it as often anymore. Instead, she bakes or broils. And she has found some really delicious ways to incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables foods into her diet. With her blood pressure once teetering on "uh-oh", she realized that a salt substitute (and more water) was in order. And instead of heavy fats, she cooks with olive oil. I'm certain that all of this sounds like a public service announcement. But I have literally watched the fried foods dry up around her kitchen. It's not easy to trade great taste for better health. But she's shown me that training your taste buds to enjoy better food isn't as hard as you might think.

The Dreaded Exercise

Here's the bottom line. If you don't like moving around, you will probably end up feeling older than you actually look. Mom has always been a busy person. So it is probably to her benefit that she fully exhausts any nervous energy she might have. In addition to that, she also enjoys walking. Walking, as everyone in the world has probably told you-is a great way to clear the mind, get oxygen, and increase circulation-all of those wonderful things. In addition to trying to stay healthy, she also has an intense desire to maintain her sultry femininity. This sometimes requires dropping a pound or two to suit one's personal satisfaction. After all, being a senior doesn't mean that you stop living-which brings me to my next tip…

Stay Busy

If you're staying busy, chances are that you feel happy, energized, and most of all, productive. Not all seniors fade quietly into the background, whilst the young'uns have their fun. In fact, these days, seniors are doing everything their younger counterparts are doing. Fortunately for many women my mother's age, the burdens of "agism" are slowly lifting. Women are now viewed as sex symbols well into their 60's (and 70's!)

The no-brainer part of this advice is that a sedentary body contributes to a sedentary mind. My mother chooses to make calendars, indulge in photography, have parties, and travel. You needn't have a "007" lifestyle to stay energized. But in keeping yourself physically active, you also help your brain to function better.

There are a number of circumstances that dictate what kind of twilight years you will have. A lifetime of hard living may or may not result in major problems down the line. But just as one's lungs begin to improve the very minute he/she quits smoking, your body will immediately feel the positive impact of a few helpful changes.


4 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Health Immediately

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