Kids see a lot of unhealthy foods these days. It's tough to pass up the yummy flavors of junk food. These craft ideas aim to teach kids about healthy eating through creative projects.

Healthy Plate

Kids need to learn how a healthy plate looks. Even some adults can use some help in that area. Start with a paper plate. Let the kids decorate the plate how they want so it looks like a real dinner plate. Next, have the kids look through magazines to find pictures of healthy foods. The plate should be about half fruits and vegetables with a smaller portion of protein and grains. Have the kids glue the pictures of healthy foods on their plates to show what they should be eating.

Rainbow of Food

You often hear the recommendation to eat a rainbow of foods each day. That means your plate should be colorful to get a variety of nutrients. Draw a large rainbow on a piece of paper. Have the kids find pictures of fruits and vegetables or other healthy foods that fit into each color of the rainbow. Glue the pictures onto the bands of the rainbow to add the color to the picture. Display the food rainbow as a reminder to include variety in the diet.

Junior Chefs

In this craft, the kids envision themselves as a chef. Cut out your child's head from a photograph. Using white paper, cut out a chef's jacket, white pants and a chef's hat. Your child glues the pieces together with her face on the chef's body.

Add a speech bubble from her face. Have her write something about healthy eating in the speech bubble.

Fruit and Vegetable Stamping

On top of making healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables work well as painting stampers. Grab a variety of fruits and vegetables to use for this art project. Try to get some fruits and vegetables your child may not already eat so you can introduce her to new foods.

Let your child dip the foods into paint and them stamp them on the plate. Some work better to dip in whole. For example, if you dip the side of a banana into paint, you get a banana shape. That's much more interesting than cutting it in half and just getting a circle shape.

Others are easier to use cut in half. For example, if you cut an apple in half from top to bottom, the cut edge looks like the shape of the apple. Make sure you cut up some of the extras to eat as a snack during craft time.

Healthy Eating Crafts: Getting Kids to Eat Better Through Art

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