In need of a new workout for the new year?

Just because your resolution for 2009 is the most common resolution- getting in shape- doesn't mean your approach has the be the same, tired one that has failed to motivate you in the past. Not a gym bunny? No worries. These fresh and trendy ideas for getting in shape might make you forget altogether that your workout is actually work!

Belly Dance Sound exotic? Well, study that most ancient and feminine of dance forms does not require a trip to the Middle East. A quick google of "belly dance" and your city and you're likely to come across local teachers and relatively affordable fees. Generally, belly dance classes run once a week for between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half at a cost of between eight and fifteen dollars per session. And if something two-thousand years old sounds irrelevant, consider the benefits of belly dance. Belly dance is friendly to all body types. It's a form of dance that makes a woman feel good about her body right now, while working towards something better. And curvy or petite, everyone looks good doing it. A couple sites on which to get information about belly dance are and

Get Out On a budget? Tough times got you down? Consider getting in shape, connecting with nature, and spending no money doing so. While it may be cold out, there's also something soothing about a quiet, snowy evening that can be relaxing to the nerves. Not to mention the added resistance provided by trudging through snow and the weight of boots and extra layers of clothing. Many cities have either indoor or outdoor skating rinks where for under ten bucks you get a couple hours of cardiovascular exercise and great toning for the lower body. As a bonus, this doubles as an ideal setting for a romantic, low-pressure date. Fall on your butt and you'll be able to it off!

Pole Dance Skip this one if you're under twenty-one. But for women wanting to build confidence and sensuality along with stronger toned upper body, abs, and lower body this daring workout is gaining popularity among women. Pole dance is, however, pricier and less widely available than other options. A less expensive alternative would be workout videos or DVDs such as Carmen Electra's Striptease line of workout videos. Though it sounds naughty, you're guaranteed to forget you're working out!

Ayo Technology Even if you didn't get the Wii for Christmas, one of your friends surely did. And there's sure to be the after-Christmas influx of unwanted gifts up for sale on ebay and craigslist. While our parent's generation would never have equated video games with exercise, now all you need is your parent's basement. There's no excuse for the couch potatoes in this brave new world.

New Workouts in 09

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