My 3 Day Workout for Better Health and Positivity

My 3 Day Workout for Better Health and Positivity

My 3 Day Workout for Better Health and Positivity

Like most people working out doesn’t come naturally for me. I have to set up a schedule to commit myself to. When setting up my schedule I took into consideration the obligations that I already have to give priority to. I work 9 hour workdays Thursday and Friday, so I knew I wouldn’t be too happy to hit the gym after I get off. On Saturdays I have a half-day at work and I volunteer in the afternoon. I decided Saturday, Sunday, and Monday would be good days for me to get a work out in.

Light Outdoor Exercise

Saturday evening is when I do my light workout. I either take a walk at a good clip through the neighborhood or for more of an adventure I ride my bike along nearby trails. I make sure to spend an hour on either activity. It’s refreshing to see nature as I move along. Plus, I get a good dose of vitamin D from being out in the sunshine.

If there’s bad weather, I can do a light workout in our apartment’s gym. I can walk on the treadmill or hop on the exercise bike. Instead of scenery I can watch a little television.

Dance Style Aerobic Workouts

Sunday I bump up the intensity a little. Youtube has some great tutorial videos for things like pilates and zumba style workouts. I spend an hour doing a fast-paced workout video. I’m trying to improve my coordination, rhythm, and get toned at the same time. I’ve found zumba workouts can accomplish all three. I haven’t bought the zumba DVD, since I’ve been able to find the videos online. I feel the benefits in my core and I hope I’ll feel a bit more confident about hitting the dance floor.

Strength Training

Monday is my hardcore workout day. I go to my brother’s gym at his apartment complex where they have better weight equipment. I either focus on working on my arms or legs. For my arms I do the bench press and incline lifts. I do 1 sets of 10 reps and 2 sets …

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