The Most Bizarre Health Treatments: Learn About Disgusting and False Ways to Improve Our Health

The Most Bizarre Health Treatments: Learn About Disgusting and False Ways to Improve Our Health

We can't stop being amused when we see in the news that people is so candid that they try the most bizarre ways to improve their health, playing a risky game where they jeopardize their bodies and sometimes their lives. Here are the most bizarre therapies that people ever used:

-A famous Spanish doctor, a TV star named Dr Rosado, came up with some strange ideas about how improve people's health. He crossed the line when he recommended to burn children's foreheads with cigarettes bums to improve their intelligence. He spent a considerable time in prison, but some people really tried the treatment wit their kids, with terrible consequences.

-The ionized bracelets. Manufactured originally by Q-Ray, this bracelet supposes to help curing diverse pains and enhance vitality; all through the process of ionize them. Funny thing, after an investigation, authorities discovered that the bracelets were not really ionized, so they may the company pay million of dollars for wrong advertising.

-The biotape was a popular product at a time, and it promised to relieve pain. It was a tape made of Mylar, a futuristic material used at the space program. These days, the company only can advertise that the product only can help us to fix our chi problems, whatever that is.

-The venom of bees as cure for many diseases, including breast cancer, is a practice that is somehow very extended and very dangerous as well. Self-injecting bee's venom ca produce even death if the subject is allergic.

-The cleansing diet using lemons and limes without ingesting other aliments is an example of dangerous bizarre ideas to promote health. Ingesting only lemons and limes alone will produce an imbalance on a diet and serious health problems, including a bad constipation and malnutrition.

-In some countries people swear than menstruation blood cures many skin problems, as callus or pimples. It is a myth, and very disgusting.

-The practice of applying a candle burning in a plate over the ears to relieve sinus headaches and migraines can bring serious burns to many people who tried it. The goal of the treatment …

How to Eat Healthy on a Cross Country American Road Trip

How to Eat Healthy on a Cross Country American Road Trip

When our family recently took a 7,000 mile road trip across the United States, one of our biggest challenges was trying to eat a healthy, well balanced, low calorie diet while out on the road. Finding whole grains and fresh produce in large cities was easy but almost impossible in many of the rural diners we visited where nearly everything was fried and then served up on white bread.

Since part of the fun of driving along old two-lane highways is sampling local cuisine, we figured out how to eat reasonably healthy while still occasionally indulging ourselves. Here are a few tips that worked for us.

Say no to soft drinks
Our family hardly ever drinks soft drinks as a rule which is why it was pretty easy for us to just ask for ice water and unsweetened iced tea with our meals. These zero calorie beverages kept us hydrated and help prevent overeating too.

Say no to fries
Almost every restaurant we ate at served french fries on the side. While this was OK for my husband (who was conducting a cross-country fry sauce experiment), my teen and I didn't want the calories and often choose low calorie sides instead. Most diners and restaurants will substitute fresh fruit, broiled veggies, side salad, or cottage cheese for just a dollar more.

Shared desserts
For local diners and roadhouses that offer regionally famous desserts we simply had to try, we often ordered just one dessert and divided it between the three of us. This was an easy way to let us sample these treats without adding 600 calories (or more) to our day.

Modified diner sandwiches
We ate a lot of diner sandwiches on our road trip and got in the habit of automatically looking for ways to boost the nutrition here while scaling back the calories. Some of our strategies we used included ordering sandwiches with lean meats (such as turkey), asking for wheat bread (which surprisingly was tough to find), ordering without cheese, asking for condiments on the side, or asking for extra vegetables. For high calorie sandwiches such …

Healthier Alternative Recipes Instead of Store-Bought

Healthier Alternative Recipes Instead of Store-Bought

Are you on the hunt for healthier homemade alternatives to store-bought foods? You are not alone. Of course, the meal or side dish has to be low in fat and sodium, too. Oh, and uncomplicated ingredients along with a quick prep time is essential. Can I interest you in a shamefully simple chicken pot pie or delicious yellow rice and orzo side dish?

The rice dish is low in sodium, and utilizes turmeric, which is much less expensive than saffron. You can make either of these recipes for your family in a jiff.

No More Store-Bought Chicken Pot Pie

One of my favorite meals is chicken pot pie. It is a great comfort food as well. Many moons ago, I actually bought chicken pot pie at the grocery store. That was before I became a voracious label reader. Not only was the pot pie I liked over-the-top high in sodium and fat, the price kept rising ridiculously. Time to find a healthful alternative I could live with.

After experimenting and tweaking a variety of family recipes, many of which were overly complicated for my busy schedule, I finally made a healthier pot pie I loved. It is inexpensive to make, and you can change up the veggies if you get bored.

Try not to use canned vegetables if you can help it. The sodium is ultra high in canned veggies and honestly defeats the purpose of the recipe. I like to use leftover chicken in my pot pie. Feel free to use up leftover vegetables you have on hand, too.

Jiffy Chicken Pot Pie

What You Will Need – Makes 6 servings

2 cups frozen mixed vegetables (or leftover veggies)

1 cup cooked chicken (cubed or chunks)

1 can (10.5 oz) cream of chicken soup (sodium/fat free)

1 cup Bisquick® mix

1/2 cup milk

1 egg

Pinch of fresh-ground pepper

Glass pie plate (ungreased)

Cooking Directions

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. In the pie plate, combine the soup, chicken, and pepper. Mix until blended. In a separate bowl, stir the milk, egg, and Bisquick® together. Cover the soup, vegetables …

Healthy Fattening Foods for Kids

Healthy Fattening Foods for Kids

If you have a child that is underweight, it is important to feed them healthy foods packed with fat, calories and nutrition. Unfortunately, the media and Michelle Obama have made it appear that the nation is facing an epidemic when it comes to over weight children. While that may be true to some degree, there is also an issue with underweight children in this country and many families are suffering through every meal trying to get their child to eat.

Dinner time at our house has become a struggle with my daughter. She’s very thin and eats very little. We’ve tried begging, bargaining, arguing. You name it, we’ve tried it. Nothing really works to get our daughter to eat more than a few bites. On occasion, she’ll eat an entire meal and surprise us but this is not the norm in our house. She’ll gladly eat an entire donut after refusing to eat dinner but that’s just not healthy either. She’ll eat fruit all day but she’s not gaining any weight and fruit has a lot of sugar.

Here’s a list of calorie packed healthy foods for children that if they eat even just a little, you’ll feel good.

Fage Yogurt. Fage Yogurt has 20 grams of fat in one single serving container of plain yogurt. We add agave syrup for flavor but you can substitute honey or maple syrup and get a similar sweet taste. Agave has a lower glycemic index then other choices so we prefer it. Fage Yogurt contains live active yogurt cultures. These yogurt cultures have proven health benefits for children and adults.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies have both fat and nutrition. There are about 100 calories per serving and about 5 grams of fat. Substitute raisins with cranberries, dried cherries or dried blueberries if your child does not like raisins.

French Toast. Use the healthiest whole grain bread you find and add heavy cream instead of milk to your recipe. This will add fat and calories to an already healthy breakfast. Top the french toast with cinnamon and agave syrup for flavor. …

Cadillac Healthcare and the American Future

Cadillac Healthcare and the American Future

Tax policy in the United States is one of the most contentious subjects around, especially as the powers that be attempt to create, or modify, policy to enhance, enlarge or just fix the healthcare system in the United States. Regardless of your opinion on the Healthcare debate, the changes that come out will likely have a profound effect on your way of life, as well as your pocketbook.

As mentioned in other articles of mine, I am not opposed to tax increases as long they are logical or fill a need not being filled elsewhere in the economy. That is kind of the point of government in a capitalist society anyway, to fill needs for the public that are not being filled by the market as a whole.

In my opinion, the healthcare debate is equivalent to the debate about infrastructure investment. If this debate were about rebuilding bridges, I do not think many people would argue about the need for it. But the debate about healthcare has been soiled by the stereotype that anyone receiving a benefit from the government is either lazy, unable to care for themselves, inept, or a combination of the above.

The reality is that while the United States has one of the most advanced systems of healthcare, the lack of access for millions of Americans actually makes our system one of the worst of the developed world. One reliable measure of a healthcare system is a comparison of the infant mortality rate, where the United States ranks 45th in the world, according to the CIA's world fact book, behind nations like Cuba and Singapore. But hey, we are better than Angola and Sierra Leone.

I believe that a change to the system is needed, but I am not willing to do it any cost. Should our elected leadership decide that the best way to provide for our nation's children, and thereby the infrastructure of our future, then I will the price that they ask. If that includes a tax on healthcare benefits as regular income, then it should be done.

But before we …

Health Treatment Through Medicinal Herbs

Health Treatment Through Medicinal Herbs

Basil: When we drink 8-10 leaves of Basil mixed in sugar and water then chances of catching sun stroke gets reduced. Taking four leaves of basil every day empty stomach in the morning helps prevent many diseases.

Acacia: When we rinse our mouth with acacia leaves boiled in water then teeth and jaws become strong. When we apply Acacia leaves juice mixed in mustard oil over our body, it removes wounds caused over the body in summer due to heat.

Fig: Mix the milk of fig with lemon juice and apply it over the head and leave it for half an hour. Then wash the head with warm water. Due to this hair loss gets stopped and hair growth becomes rapid.

'Cherry': Grind the leaves of the Nemea tree with the leaves of 'Cherry' tree and mix lemon juice in it. Leave it for two hours and then wash the hair. Use it repeatedly for one month to see the growth of new hair and reduction in hair loss.

'Watermelon fruit': Mix the core of watermelon fruit with sugar and drink it 2 cups daily for three days. It helps in curing diarrhea.

Henna: Grind leaves of henna and apply it over the leg and nails before sleep every night. It cools the heat of the body reduces chances of heat stroke. Applying Henna over the hair once every week reduces heat from the head.

Jasmine: If you have wounds over the tongue or in the mouth then chewing five jasmine leaves for three days at regular intervals helps a lot. If bad smell is coming from the mouth then mix lemon juice in boiled leaves of jasmine and rinse your mouth with it, the smell will go away.

Betel: Taking Betel leaves with sugar helps in curing dry cough.

Lemon: Make a solution of lemon juice mixed in water. Add some sugar to it. Give it in small quantities to the cholera patients at regular intervals. This helps a lot. Mix salt, radish, lemon juice ginger and pepper salt and give it daily to jaundice patients. This helps them …

A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Ever since I can remember, junk food has been apart of my life. My mother did not like cooking meals, so we ate junk food. Fast food became my idea of a well balanced meal. As a child I was a very picky eater and did not like eating anything I was unfamiliar with. While other kids had parents that taught them to eat all their vegetables, I had a wonderful mom that bought me hamburgers and fries. Despite the fact that we lived on junk food, I was a very slender child. I hated hearing constantly that I was just skin and bones. I had a very large appetite, but it did not consisted of healthy food.

Growing older and putting on weight has taught me to consider eating healthier. I now enjoy eating vegetables and fruits. I even love cooking different meals and desserts. Eating healthier does not mean that you have to sacrifice great flavor in food. I’ve learned how to cook with wonderful spices such as sage, curry, ginger, and others.

One of the biggest struggles for me has been to give up soft drinks. I usually drank a Coke in the morning, noon, and evening. Grabbing a glass of water was the furthest thing from my mind. I hated to drink water because I felt it had a strange taste. Soon I learned little tricks such as placing a squeeze of lemon juice in each glass of water. Eventually, I started drinking water without giving it a second thought. Of course there were days that I missed my soft drinks so much. I decided living healthier was worth cutting it out completely.

I now feel healthier and have even noticed that my energy level has boosted. Fatigue had become my best friend. I had no energy to do any type of activity. I was always tired and felt sickly. Most of our healthier vegetables and fruits contain all the nutrients we need to get an energy boost. Broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower no longer cause me to run in the other direction. I love experimenting with …

Healthiest Keratin Treatments for Your Hair

Healthiest Keratin Treatments for Your Hair

Whether your hair is naturally kinky, curly, wavy, or straight with frizz, there is a product that can give you the versatility you are looking for.

Keratin Treatments offer short-term smoothing solutions for your hair regardless of ethnicity.

There has been research conducted regarding the use of the keratin treatments which were originated in Brazil. These treatments have high levels of formaldehyde which is a disinfectant and preservative. At the time of this article the findings have been inconclusive as far as the safety levels in particular solutions.

So I did some research and found the best Keratin Treatments on the market for use by professionals in a salon with NO formaldehyde.

  1. Zerran Reallisse Vegan Hair Smoothing System: Key ingredient is vegan protein, lasting 2 to 4 months.
  2. Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment: Key ingredient is pearl and silk complex, lasting 4 months.
  3. American Culture Simply Smooth & Straight : Key ingredient is keratin and vitamin-enriched, lasting 12 to 16 weeks.
  4. Cadiveu Acai Therapy: Key ingredients are organic acai berry, vegetable keratin, and sugarcane cysteine.
  5. Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System: Key ingredients are Hawaiian protein flora complex, kukui nut lipids, sea salt, algae and plankton, lasting 8 to 10 weeks.

There are many more products out there however these are the best of the best used by the industry's top salons and stylists. As with everything, you must do your own research before using a new product with an in-depth consultation with a professional stylist to guarantee the best results.…

Quick Healthy Drinks for Lunch Boxes

Quick Healthy Drinks for Lunch Boxes

Who has time to make healthy drinks for lunch? You're flying around the kitchen like somebody lit a match between your toes. Between packing lunches, making breakfast and planning your day, you have no time for healthy choices. Before you reach for those juice boxes, take a minute to think. Are they full of sugar? Is this really the best choice for your kids, yourself or your spouse? Is there a healthy drink choice that tastes good and packs quickly?

How about that juice you made for breakfast?

The whole pitcher is sitting in the fridge because no one felt they had time to pour a glass. Why not sneak it into their lunches? Just fill a few water bottles with it and pop them into the lunch boxes. Sure, juice contains sugar. At least it's natural sugar. Plus, it contains tons of powerful antioxidants. That makes it much better than the usual quick fix from the soda pop machine, isn't it?

Tea doesn't have to be time consuming.

So what if your kids like tea? Who has time to make it? You do. It's actually quite fast to make tea for lunch boxes. Just hang a tea bag into a water bottle. Fill the bottle with ice, lemon slices and water. Screw on the lid, while using it to hold the bag string. Shake it up. Pop it into the lunch box. By the time your kids (or you) eat lunch, the tea will be brewed. Fabulous instant healthy lunch drink!

Flavor your water the healthy way.

Forget about those commercialized add ins for water. They're mostly chemicals, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Even if they say they're good for you, check the label. Truth in advertising just isn't a priority any more. That's OK. You can flavor your water the natural way. Just add a few fruit slices, shake it up and toss it in your lunch. You're good to go.

What's wrong with water?

With so many options for beverages, we sometimes forget that good old H20 is the healthiest choice of all. Worried about the purity of …

Care for Health Care?

Care for Health Care?

It appears everything in opposition to the modern day Republican Party has been deemed the end of society as we know it. Well, of course it is the end to society as we know it! Things do change after all, but they aren’t doom and gloom like fear-based politicians want you to hear. The recent debate over health care reform has Democrats scared that health care will ever have a bright future in America. Indeed, everything proposed by Democrats (no matter the content) appears to be shot down by Republican fear. As such, Republicans have no desire to change the status quo of a nation in dire need of health coverage.

Taxing the rich to fund health care for the poor who need it obviously won’t fly with conservatives on the prowl. They have continued to oppose a progressive agenda that will enable America to prosper and make way for freedom and equality (of course we can’t have that!) So, instead of putting a slight tax on the rich, the Senate has came up with a botched up idea that unfortunately targets a lot of the middle class: The Cadillac tax. This proposition will tax any health insurance plan above $8,000 for an individual and $23,000 for a family. That is hardly “Cadillac“. The average family plan hovers around $15,000; however, the tax barely takes into account that nationwide costs of living differ greatly and a $15,000 plan in Wyoming is not the same as a $15,000 plan in New York! Old people will also be victims of this tax, as their premiums cost extensively more due to their age (current legal limits allow insurance companies to charge three times the amount of young people’s insurances!)

Bottom line, the proposed 5.4% tax increased on personal incomes of over $500,000 (which qualifies as “super rich”) and couples whose net worth is over $1 million will provide great income as well as make sure money is not being taken from the middle class. This will take money from the top income earners and give health care to people who cannot …

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